Specialty Catering Services

When you hire a caterer, you sometimes only need someone to come in, cook the food, serve it and then clean up the mess, the end. Sometimes you need a little more than just that. Acme Catering offers many levels of service, from the very basic to the very complex and everything in between. You can ask for each of these specialty catering services a la carte- meaning that you could have them as their own stand-alone service or as a part of a larger package.

Some of the specialty services that you could include are:

Staffing: The right people can make all of the difference in the world. Confident, composed and dignified catering staff can give your event an air of sophistication and grace where a gaggle of giggle, or worse, surly teens can make you wish that you never even showed up in the first place. No one will care if the chicken was cooked to dreamy perfection if dinners up in laps and unskilled staff plunk plates down and spill your guest's wine. The better the staff, the better the event will go. Please read some of our testimonials to ensure you're making the right decision.

Decorations: Decorations can make a huge impact so we like to work closely with you to deliver the perfect presentation. Complete event planning is available and that can include the selection and design of your decorations - including everything down to ice sculptures and selecting the punch bowl.

Rentals: There are some items that you just will not have available, especially if it is a very large event. These may include punch bowls, coffee urns, a full tea service (if you are planning a tea for instance.) There are also other things that you might need that depend on the venue that you are using for the event. These could include chairs, tables, linens, etc.

Bar Service: If you are having alcoholic drinks, whether it is an open bar or a cash one, you will need to have someone mixing and serving these drinks. This prevents the wrong person from designating themselves as a bartender and may also help keep the younger crowd out of the booze area as well. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Bakery: Through the Acme Bakery, Acme Catering can work closely with you to design the perfect wedding cake and provided delicious baked goods for your wedding guests. We'll make sure that you are ordering enough of your selected baked goods because people usually will go back for seconds on the truly good stuff (And it will all be good!). If you are ordering your wedding cake from Acme Catering we'll schedule a face-to-face meeting about the cake itself. Before ordering your cake you may also sample it to make sure it has the right flavor, the right type of icing, etc.

Floral Decorations: At Acme we can also provide you with all your floral needs. With some services, the florist will deliver your flowers to the front door of the venue, the end. Acme Catering can take care of everything for you.

Music: Acme Catering is available to discuss the tone of the event and what kind of music you absolutely do not want to have included. Give a list of favorite songs as well, to make sure that the service is done properly. Ask us how we can help.