Event Catering

You suggest how important your event is by the effort that you put into it. That’s why it is necessary that you have a professional caterer to look after your next big event.

Having an established relationship with a caterer already will make, planning the event much easier. Acme Fresh Market Catering is at your service.

Start with the basics:

When the time comes to choose a caterer, no matter what size or type of an event you are planning, make sure that you start with the basic questions to serve as your foundation and move on from there. These questions should include such things as:

  • What type of service should I consider for this event? (Formal, sit down service or more casual, buffet meals for instance.) Acme Fresh Market Catering can offer it all!
  • What type of foods should I serve and how many options should be selected? Acme Fresh Market Catering can help you provide the perfect food selections - including special creations like Sushi, Pig Roasts and Clam Bakes!
  • Do I have any friends that might need special consideration?
  • Are there any specific foods that might be inappropriate to the event that is planned?
Consider everything that we offer:

After you have the basics covered, then you'll be able to start working on the extras. Acme Fresh Market Catering is available to offer the following services:

• Cakes
• Bar Service
• Decorations
• Rentals
• Event Staffing
• Consultation/Planning

Remember, a good caterer can be almost like a traffic cop, keeping the party moving and flowing in the right direction. If you are not having hors d’oeuvres served for instance, how long after guests start arriving, is it recommended that food be served? If you are having a presentation or awards ceremony during this event, should the main meal be served before or after? We can help!

In addition to the food and all the extras, there is much more that our experience can provide. For example, there are more and more people who do not eat meats and there are far more food allergies than ever before. It is therefore necessary for us to consider the needs of all your guests. Please make sure to mention any special needs and we'll be glad to help.

Having a great caterer does not mean that you will have nothing at all to do for the event that you are planning, simply that you will have less worry - and far less planning and aggravation. After the quality and presentation of your food, service is our top priority.

If you are are looking for a professional, full-service event catering company, then look no further as Acme Fresh Market Catering will take care of all your needs. Backed with experience, adeptness and positive references, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations. We are at your service. Contact us today.